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To Be a Better Mom Has to be a Universal Goal

Making time for myself made me a better mom
Making time for myself made me a better mom

But…  are you frustrated because you just don’t know how to quit snapping at your family. You’d like to get up and fix them breakfast but you can’t seem to drag yourself up. You want to clean the house but can’t seem to find the energy. Does it seem like you’re run down on a constant basis from all the giving, giving, giving you do?

That may be more true than you realize. Read this article titled Do moms get to have any alone time?

When was the last time you allowed yourself time just for yourself. You weren’t responsible for wiping any tushies, washing a load of clothes, or wiping up spilled milk.

I’m talking truly get away… completely by yourself… even if only for a few hours.

Oh… you couldn’t DO that, huh? You don’t feel like you deserve it? Your family would suffer if you weren’t there to take care of them?

I’ll let you in on a BIG secret… You’d be that better mom you want to be if you made time for yourself.

I wrote in a few other posts about how I’d discovered… almost by accident… that I was a person who needed their time and space… translated… my time for myself. By this time, I was already a stay-at-home mom of 2. (If you missed that here is one of them: “Could This be the Unexpected Reason Behind Your Short Temper?)

You just may see yourself in that article and that is NOT a bad thing.

When I would make time for myself and get away it made me a better mom for the following reasons:

  • My Temper Wasn’t So Short
  • I Came Back Mentally Recharged
  • I… To a Certain Extent… Was Physically Recharged Without All Those Stress Hormones
  • I Was More Loving and Giving
  • I Was Just An All-Around More Pleasant Person

Try it for yourself.

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This is the fifth post in my “Home Time Management and Alone Time” series.

So… how are you going to implement this?

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