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I’d say there are at least 5,792 ways to achieve that tenuous and ever-changing balance between family obligations and college commitments but, due to time, space, and attention constraints, we’ll only cover a few of them.

As One of My Mentors Aptly Stated

You must master your time rather than becoming a slave to the constant flow of events and demands on your time. And you must organize your life to achieve balance, harmony, and inner peace.~ Brian Tracy

As That Statement Suggests

Someone…or something…will be master over you and your time. It’s in your control who…or what…that is.

Contenders on the home front are: Housework obligations (i.e., cleaning, laundry); Spouse and/or kids needing/wanting attention (i.e., romantic evenings, story time, movies); Family/Friends (i.e., girls evening out, coffee); Shopping (i.e., food, clothes, holidays); Social Activities (i.e., weddings, funerals); Personal leisure (i.e., beach, reading); and Fixed time constraints (i.e., meals, personal care, sleeping)

Contenders on the college front are: Reading for class (yes, some of us actually do that); Researching; Studying for quizzes, exams or finals; and Completing projects.

It should be noted that…

All of These Contenders Are Needed

For you to have a nice balanced life. Believe me, as one who has struggled with this issue for years, when your balance is out of whack, your life is out of whack.

So, Obviously Balancing These Contenders

Is our #1 goal. But how do we go about doing that?

The answer is surprisingly simply and is composed of just a few key ingredients.


Begin on the weekend to assess what this coming week is going to require in terms of time, energy, and attention is all areas of your life.

For instance, do you have an exam to study for? If so, then…at least for this week…the other areas of your life may need to take a backseat.

Promise your daughter you’ll see that movie she’s just dying to see next weekend. Spend soccer practice time catching up on studying (she should be practicing, not watching you to see if you’re watching her).


Plan your week around when you have something due for college. Most of my college professors always told the class that if something came up to let them know and alternative due dates or exam dates could be scheduled. I never really took them up on that offer because I just preferred to get them out of the way.


Enlist the aid of your family to accomplish those things that need to be done for the week so that you’re not driving yourself crazy trying to get everything done by yourself.

Balancing Family and College

Can be done…but usually not for long and not by yourself.

If, like me, you’re a nontraditional student with 1, 2, 3 or even 4 or 5 kids at home then you have a lot to balance, but…look on the bright side…you also have a lot of help to do that balancing.

Are you ready to control life instead of it controlling you? Download my free ebook about Time Management and Students to get started.

2 thoughts on “Balancing Your Life—Tips for Balancing Family and College

  1. Good advice! We have 3 kids in college or grad school now. But, things haven’t slowed up around the house. I’m taking 2 grad classes and teaching 2. So, your advice is timely.

    Thanks for the comments on my ezine article.

    Warren Baldwin

  2. Good for you! At this point sleep is optional or planned well in advance…right?

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