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  • Spending Time with Your Spouse and KidsYou can’t ignore the most important people in your life… but you really really need to study. The guilt, however, is ruining your concentration. Copy my fool proof methods for dealing with guilt.
  • Making (Guilt-Free) Time for Family/FriendsYou likely ALREADY have difficulty finding time for family and friends. Learn not only HOW to make time for them but how doing so can help you overall in several ways.
  • Conquering Housework/LaundryLearn the four biggest tips that greatly simplified my life, reduced my stress, enabled me to divert time to studying, and benefits me still… years after I graduated.
  • Simplifying CookingThis is the area that we can waste… or save… an incredible amount of time and energy. Find out how to slash your time in the kitchen by half OR MORE.
  • Keeping in mind there IS a light at the End of the TunnelThis is absolutely key in keeping yourself and those around you motivated.

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