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Get Laundry Done Without Ruining Your Weekend
Get Laundry Done Without Ruining Your Weekend

How Do I Get Laundry Done?

One of the most common complaints I hear is “There MUST Be a Better Way to Get Laundry Done”! It can literally feel like you’re drowning in laundry… kind of how the picture above looks.

In many households dirty laundry piles up until the weekend.

This is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then your whole weekend is finished… shot… deleted.

Or… during the week clothes may get washed because some particular article of clothing is desired and it’s a waste NOT to wash a whole load. But then the load is never actually put up.

So, instead of dirty laundry piling up you have clean laundry piling up until the weekend.

And you have to spend your weekend cleaning up those clean piles in your room.

Still not cool.

Get Laundry Done with Minimal Effort

So… How you go about getting laundry done without ruining your weekend?

I wrote an article titled Home Time Management: 3 Easy Tips for Getting Laundry Under Control at and, if this is something you struggle with, then I’m sure you’ll find at least one of those tips to be useful.

Although that article goes a little more in-depth into each I’ll just spell out the gist of it right here for you.

First, don’t let laundry pile up

Second, pair this non-mental chore with a more mental one, thereby utilizing the oft-touted concept of “multitasking” efficiently.

Third, enlist the aid of kids and spouse. Yes, they can and, with the right persuasion, they will help.

If you need help with getting your spouse and kids in the right mindset to pitch in then check out Home Time Management Expert and Coach Mary Segers‘ site. Here you’ll find programs that are less than an hour and are aimed at simplifying life with respect to laundry, cooking, menus, cleaning, and making time for your spouse, kids, family, and friends.

Feel free to leave a comment below and then go get laundry done.

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