by: Mary Segers
Home Time Management 3 Ways to Get Kids Ready for the Next Day
Home Time Management 3 Ways to Get Kids Ready for the Next Day

Home Time Management

Is Really Lacking in today’s fast-paced world.

There’s barely enough time to get everything done the first time much less time to go back and start over. At no time is this more true…or evident…than the morning scene in many homes today.

There’s Mom and Dad trying to rush out to work after getting Jr. and Jr’ette up and going. The kids have to get dressed, brush their teeth, eat, and head out the door so their parents can too. Unfortunately, sometimes there are snags in the grand ‘ole scheme of things.

Sometimes the kids cooperate, sometimes they don’t, and sometimes they would cooperate if they could (e.g., they would put their shoes on IF they could find them).

Now, considering that how you start the day determines…for many…how the entire day will go, wouldn’t it be smart to start the day off in the best way possible? I can hear the sneers and many of you saying “Don’t you think I would love to do that?” Well, this article is going to show you how to get yourself and your kids ready for the next day which will…in turn…ease many of those morning struggles.

Home Time Management 101: First, Think Ahead

This is where the magic starts. Nothing changes until you begin thinking ahead. I know people who would sit in front of the TV after dinner/supper and just veg out for a few hours every single night. They were just mentally spent because they started the day off wrong and it just went downhill from there.

But their day started out bad because they didn’t think ahead about how Jr. never can seem to find his shoes and always leaves his backpack contents scattered around on his desk. With a few minutes of clarity they’d also remember how Jr’ette always seems to have trouble picking out outfits in the morning. She tries 44 separates on together before finally finding a winning combination. Oh, and Mom’s not much better.

Home Time Management 101: Second, Plan Ahead

Suppose those same parents spent even one hour (which it won’t take) getting themselves and their kids ready—in advance—for the next day. Clothes picked out, shoes rounded up, backpacks packed, decisions about what to eat for breakfast and what to eat for lunch.

Home Time Management 101: Third, Act

The final step is to act on the changes they’ve decided to make.

Suppose Jr. was encouraged/forced to pack his backpack the night before so it would be ready to just grab and go the next morning. Jr. may think that watching TV or talking with his girlfriend is more important and he’d rather leave the “work” til in the morning but you can simply inform him that he can do what he wants to do right after he does what he needs to do.

Jr’ette and Mom would definitely need to pick out an outfit the evening before. As far as Jr’ette is concerned, have her take pictures each morning of the outfit she’s chosen (the evening before) for that day. In 30 days, she’ll have 30 pictures of outfit combinations that she knows works and she loves. The pictures may act as a catalog of her ideal outfits and, in time, she may curb how much she needs to actually try on…she can just flip through her digital fashion catalog.

If they were to make just these changes how much smoother running would their morning be?

These 3 steps have been life-changing for me (and many others) so I thought I’d pass on to you how to get yourself and your kids ready for the next day.

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