Problems Nontraditional Student
Problems Nontraditional Student
by: Mary Segers

Nontraditional Students

Face many home time management problems. Having been one for many years I know from first-hand experience. There are, however, ones that are pretty common across the board. It seems that many nontraditional students face problems with:

Each of these is problematic by itself, but when you combine several, it can make life as a nontraditional student downright miserable.

Nontraditional Student Problem #1: Failure to Plan in Advance

Simply put… failing to plan is planning to fail. Without planning in advance you’re running around. This is a waste of  time that could have been put to good use.

Nontraditional Student Problem #2: Not Cooking Efficiently

Cooking from the beginning each and every night is not only a waste of time but a waste of mental and physical energy. If you’re not using methods to cook ahead, use leftovers, and repurpose foods, then you are wasting vast amounts of time each and every week that could be better spent on studying.

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Nontraditional Student Problem #3: Not Utilizing Menus

Again, a lot of time is wasted in this area. Whether it’s because of wandering aimlessly through the grocery store in search of what you’ll take home or because of having to drive to a restaurant the time is gone simply because you weren’t more prepared with menus.

Nontraditional Student Problem #4: Trying to Do All Housework by Yourself

Another problem typical is that of failing to delegate chores to your spouse and kids. The time you have to spend on studying for exams and writing papers will have to come from saving time on tasks you previously did.

Nontraditional Student Problem #5: Pushing Laundry Aside Until the Weekend

Being guilty of this simply means you’ve committed a large chunk of your weekend time to “catching up.”

Nontraditional Student Problem #6: Not Taking Time to Create Schedules

Lack of a clear schedule… with something for everyone to be responsible for… is a big problem. As noted above, you can’t keep doing everything you’ve done before. You’ll have to shave time off of tasks you previously did.

A schedule will make you feel more secure in the fact that the bathroom is still getting done because it’s on Jr’s daily schedule to take care of it.

Nontraditional Student Problem #7: Failing to Manage Your Time Wisely

In a nutshell, minutes add up to hours. If you waste 15 minutes here and 30 minutes there then over the course of your week you will have wasted hours that could have been spent studying

If you want to be a successful student then you’re going to have to identify these problems and then create solutions for them.

Learn how to solve all these problems and make more time for studying.

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