by: Mary Segers

Are you mentally stressed out?

Frazzled cook needs to quit being mentally stressed out
Quit being mentally stressed out – Mary Segers

If you’re like the vast majority of Moms, procrastination at dinner time sure doesn’t help things any, does it?

You’ve rushed around during the day hardly pausing to think about what’s for dinner. It crosses your mind a few times and you promise yourself you’ll think about it in little while when you’re not so busy.

Finally, it comes to the time of day that you can no longer push the question aside.

Procrastination is no longer an option… you have hungry people with knives staring you down.

That’s OK, you were… comparatively speaking… prepared because you stopped at the grocery store and picked up hot dogs.

So why do you still feel mentally stressed out?

There Are Several Things That Can Cause You to Feel Mentally Stressed Out

Among them are:

  • Not feeling in control
  • Feeling rushed
  • Feeling guilty for serving such a quick meal

Let’s look at each of these problems a little closer and see how they can be solved.

Stressed Out Because of Not Feeling in Control

If there’s one thing all humans crave it’s to feel in control. When you aren’t prepared there’s a tendency to feel out of control.

There’s a simple fix: BE IN CONTROL. That requires some advanced planning. Step-by-step will get you where you want to go.

Stressed Out Because of Rushing

This is a biggie for me. I hate to be rushed.

I could never be on the show “Chopped”… I’d just be a basket case. Major pun intended.

There’s a simple fix here, too: Stop rushing. I know it sounds too simple, but it’s not. You knowwell in advance… that your family is going to want meals pretty much each and every night. There’s no reason to procrastinate until the last minute to figure out what that meal’s gonna be.

Stressed Out Because of Feeling Guilty for Serving Such a Quick Meal

I think this is a biggie for just about all moms. We like to feel proud of what we’re serving. We like to get the compliments… the “Whooppeee’s” when they find out we’re having their favorite meal. We like it when we know it’s NOT hot dogs.

You guessed it… there’s a simple fix here, too: Plan meals ahead of time using weekly meal plans. The time to create them is not as much as you’d think and the time invested will pay back itself many many times.

That’s How I’ve Kept From Being Mentally Stressed Out

I have implemented every one of these and they have all made my life not only easier but an absolute piece of cake compared to others I’ve known… and I was a single parent of 4.

If you’ll invest a little time to implement these tips, you’ll quit being mentally stressed out over cooking as soon as tomorrow.

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