by: Mary Segers
Quit being mentally stressed out
Quit being mentally stressed out

Mentally Stressed Out?

Have you ever had a day when you were just downright cranky all day long for no apparent reason?

Hey, we’ve all been there.

Has your family ever told you that you made them feel bad for snapping so bad at them.

Been there too.

Have you felt guilty because you know your kids are going to remember you as the grouchy mom.

It’s tough, isn’t it? You work all day around other people then you come home to care for those you care about most and yet you can’t seem to help jumping down their throats.

It’s just because you’re mentally stressed out, right?

I Want to Help You Quit Being Mentally Stressed Out

… because I know… first hand… what it’s like being mentally stressed out. I spent my whole childhood, all of my teenhood, and much of my adulthood in that non-enviable state.

I was so cranky my brothers and sisters could hardly stand me.

It wasn’t until I was an adult with a couple (if not a few) kids already when my mother made a comment that changed my whole life from that point on.

She casually mentioned in passing something to the effect of I’d always been the type of person who had to have my alone time or I got seriously mentally stressed out.

I’d never put 2 and 2 together. I’d get very cranky… to the point of being vicious… and when I’d get away by myself for a little while (which wasn’t hard to do since no one wanted to be around me) I’d be somewhat better. I say “somewhat” because in my early years rather than appreciate that down time… that time I could have to myself… I spent in a bad mood since I’d gotten in trouble. Later, I’d spend it feeling guilty for snapping at my hubby or kids.

So, it really was a no-win situation until Mom pointed that out and made me feel a little more “Normal.” I wrote on this at in a post titled Could This Be The Unexpected Reason Behind Your Short Temper?

So, what’s the solution?

First, identify WHY you’re mentally stressed out

In my case it was because… as my wise mother knew… I simply needed some time alone.

So… really search yourself.

Do you get claustrophobic around a lot of people? I know I do. I need to slip away and let the silence calm my brain for just a few minutes. Do you feel the need to plan what you say and therefore when you’re constantly on-the-spot you can’t do that and feel things are somewhat out-of-control? Do you just need a few minutes to process the day? To plan for tomorrow?

God made us all so different. I don’t think my mom really needed time to herself and I think, because of that, when I was growing up she didn’t really understand me. Or… maybe she did and just couldn’t get it with all of us kids around.

If you ascertain that it is related to not getting enough you time then…

Second, Resolve to Quit Being Mentally Stressed Out By…

Finding a way to find/make time for yourself.

It CAN be found… if you look far and wide enough.

When I had young children at home I managed to get plenty of time by myself by utilizing normally wasted time. I’d read while a kid was playing in the bath. I’d take along a book to the Dr’s. office. If I had to wait while picking up a child from school I had a book or notebook for thoughts with me.

Those 15 minutes I did what “I” wanted. Anytime there was waiting involved I used that time to catch up reading.

When my youngest daughter was at soccer practice I used that time to study, read, or plan. When my older children were finishing up whatever they were doing at school and telling their friends “Bye” I was (usually) not hurrying them along. (This was BEFORE kids had cell phones so they still had lots to actually SAY to each other.)

Anyway, the point is to look at your own life and see where you can squeeze in some from what would be otherwise wasted time.

This is the the second post in my “Home Time Management and Alone Time” series. I’ll be writing various posts targeting the fact that not only is it perfectly normal to NEED alone time, but that we DESERVE it and CAN find/make the time for it.

So… what do you think may be the cause of your being mentally stressed out?

Just hit “Reply” and let me know.

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