Problems Nontraditional Student
Problems Nontraditional Student
by: Mary Segers

Nontraditional Students

Face many home time management problems. Having been one for many years I know from first-hand experience. There are, however, ones that are pretty common across the board. It seems that many nontraditional students face problems with:

  • Failure to Plan in Advance
  • Not Cooking Efficiently Not Utilizing Menus Trying to Do All Housework by Yourself Pushing Laundry Aside Until the Weekend Not Taking Time to Create Schedules Failing to Manage Your Time Wisely

    Each of these is problematic by itself, but when you combine several, it can make life as a nontraditional student downright miserable.

    Nontraditional Student Problem #1: Failure to Plan in Advance

    Simply put… failing to plan is planning to fail. Without planning in advance you’re running around. This is a waste of  time that could have been put to good use.

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