The way I see it, there are several reasons why

Time Management should be priority number 1 (one) and they pretty much all have to do with enjoying life in some way or another.

Let’s face it,

  • The mom with the really really messy house doesn’t like her house that way.
  • The one that’s always running late, doesn’t like always running late
  • The one who constantly relies on fast food for her family’s nourishment and doesn’t like doing that either.

But, the reality is,

All these things, from the way our house looks, to constantly running late, to how we feed our family, are all a direct reflection on us as women.

(And let’s don’t even mention how those kids look, smell, dress, and behave.)

I’m looking

At the subject of Time Management from the perspective of being a mom who works from her home which, of course, would be different from…say…someone needing time management prioritization at work

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There must be a better way! How many times have you said that (at times through clenched teeth)? Well, I’m here to tell you there really is.

I’ll delve into each topic’s intricacies and nuances (as well as the inherent headaches) such as the golden standby the to-do list.

Remember, everything I say is my opinion., but also realize that I was a full-time employed, single parent for many years until I became a part-time employed single parent college student.

If it weren’t for some really cool time tips that saved me loads of time and aggravation, I would not have made it through college. The time management strategies and techniques enabled me to have sufficient time for studying and earning the grades I wanted.

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