When It Comes to Time Management and Students
One of the most difficult things in the world to master is that of creating a sustainable plan…you know one that will provide the best chance at survival especially if you are…as I was…a nontraditional student.

I mean…let’s face it…we start out with the most honest and honorable intentions…I’m going to get up early and study (or stay up late to study). Or, how about this…my favorite…I’m going to spend this whole weekend studying.

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Oh, Life Can Be Tough

For a 6 year old who can’t wear the ultra-cool looking shoes that all his friends can wear.

You know the ones…they light up and have the absolute coolest designs on them.

Life would be so perfect…or at least a whole lot better…if you could just wear those cool shoes.

Why did he have to patiently explain this to his Mom…who should know all this stuff?

Meet Jeremiah…

Who’s 6 years old, in Kindergarten, suffers from asthma, has very flat fat feet, and is my second born grandson.

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I Was A Student For Many More Years Than I Care To Admit.

It can take significantly longer than normal if you: change majors a few times, don’t always attend full-time, following undergraduate graduation take a year to take graduate classes to see what may interest you, and finally decide on a graduate program in which you’re a nontraditional student thereby automatically earning you an extra year in “core” coursework.

Yep…The Years Can Really Add Up,

But, then again, so can the knowledge and experience. And those are two things I was great at…being a student and learning.

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Assuming you are normal, before you became a student you more than likely filled every single minute of your day with some activity. Furthermore, if you belong to the ever-increasing population of nontraditional students, these activities more than likely included doing things with or for a spouse as well as a kid or two. Time management and college can't be separated. Prioritization...or lack thereof...will determine your success...or lack thereof.