by: Mary Segers
Keep Laundry From Piling Up
Keep Laundry From Piling Up

To Keep Laundry From Piling Up Is My Greatest Wish

Is something I hear a lot. I don’t really understand the reason WHY laundry backs up in the first place.

Look at the picture above. The first thing that comes to my mind is aren’t we lucky we don’t have to live like that? Yet why do we sometimes have the mentality that we do.

Why is it so hard for some people… maybe even YOU… to tackle this little chore on an as-needed basis instead of pushing it aside day after day. Why do we dread it so? Why do we go at it alone?

Listen, laundry is something we’re going to have to deal with all our lives. Isn’t is worth taking a little time and learning to deal with it in the best, most efficient way possible? Isn’t it worth taking the time to learn some strategies and then how to implement those strategies.

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