When It Comes to Time Management and Students
One of the most difficult things in the world to master is that of creating a sustainable plan…you know one that will provide the best chance at survival especially if you are…as I was…a nontraditional student.

I mean…let’s face it…we start out with the most honest and honorable intentions…I’m going to get up early and study (or stay up late to study). Or, how about this…my favorite…I’m going to spend this whole weekend studying.

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Baking Has Never Been Real Big At My House

But that’s only because of the time involved. It was an optional activity…one to do if I found the time…not to mention the energy.

One thing I tried was making a baking basket with all my baking needs in it. Anything that had to do with baking found its home there…vanilla, brown sugar, flours, baking powder, any nuts specially bought for baking, and mixer.

This helped. It made it slightly easier to bake because I could just pull out that one basket instead of looking in this cabinet and that one.

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Pairing tasks which require mental concentration with those that I could do while semi-conscious is the only effective form of multitasking that I can do. I’ve tried doing it the “grown up way” (i.e., several things at once without regard to what I’m about to share with you) but I didn’t get more tasks actually done, I just got more tasks started.
The Old Consensus was that if you were a multitasker you were a super-efficient individual who could do 23 things at one time with one arm tied behind your back and a baby clinging to one leg. I used to hear about all that multitaskers could do and think to myself that that’s what I wanted to be when I grew up.
Do you ever find yourself among the zombies walking through the grocery store looking like you’ve just been raised from the dead? There You Are…desperately searching for what it is you’ll take home to feed your starving children and spouse. You walk through the store and have to constantly remind yourself to keep your arms at your side…not out in front of you.

I Was A Student For Many More Years Than I Care To Admit.

It can take significantly longer than normal if you: change majors a few times, don’t always attend full-time, following undergraduate graduation take a year to take graduate classes to see what may interest you, and finally decide on a graduate program in which you’re a nontraditional student thereby automatically earning you an extra year in “core” coursework.

Yep…The Years Can Really Add Up,

But, then again, so can the knowledge and experience. And those are two things I was great at…being a student and learning.

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