The Old Consensus was that if you were a multitasker you were a super-efficient individual who could do 23 things at one time with one arm tied behind your back and a baby clinging to one leg. I used to hear about all that multitaskers could do and think to myself that that’s what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I Was A Student For Many More Years Than I Care To Admit.

It can take significantly longer than normal if you: change majors a few times, don’t always attend full-time, following undergraduate graduation take a year to take graduate classes to see what may interest you, and finally decide on a graduate program in which you’re a nontraditional student thereby automatically earning you an extra year in “core” coursework.

Yep…The Years Can Really Add Up,

But, then again, so can the knowledge and experience. And those are two things I was great at…being a student and learning.

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