With the proper home time management mindset you can create those stress-free mornings you desire, dream of, and deserve. Here are two of the changes that have worked for many parents, including myself, to get themselves and their kids ready for the next day which will…in turn…ease those morning struggles.

If You Ask My Expert Opinion

I’d say there are at least 5,792 ways to achieve that tenuous and ever-changing balance between family obligations and college commitments but, due to time, space, and attention constraints, we’ll only cover a few of them.

As One of My Mentors Aptly Stated

You must master your time rather than becoming a slave to the constant flow of events and demands on your time. And you must organize your life to achieve balance, harmony, and inner peace.~ Brian Tracy

As That Statement Suggests

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Baking Has Never Been Real Big At My House

But that’s only because of the time involved. It was an optional activity…one to do if I found the time…not to mention the energy.

One thing I tried was making a baking basket with all my baking needs in it. Anything that had to do with baking found its home there…vanilla, brown sugar, flours, baking powder, any nuts specially bought for baking, and mixer.

This helped. It made it slightly easier to bake because I could just pull out that one basket instead of looking in this cabinet and that one.

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Pairing tasks which require mental concentration with those that I could do while semi-conscious is the only effective form of multitasking that I can do. I’ve tried doing it the “grown up way” (i.e., several things at once without regard to what I’m about to share with you) but I didn’t get more tasks actually done, I just got more tasks started.
The Old Consensus was that if you were a multitasker you were a super-efficient individual who could do 23 things at one time with one arm tied behind your back and a baby clinging to one leg. I used to hear about all that multitaskers could do and think to myself that that’s what I wanted to be when I grew up.
Some Things in Life Are So Obviously Correlated that no formal research is needed to verify their relationship. Time management and stress…even though their relationship has been verified many times and in many ways…are two such elements. While it’s true that stress doesn’t necessarily adversely affect your time management I would bet that your time management definitely affects your stress level. To prove the point let’s consider two scenarios.

I Was A Student For Many More Years Than I Care To Admit.

It can take significantly longer than normal if you: change majors a few times, don’t always attend full-time, following undergraduate graduation take a year to take graduate classes to see what may interest you, and finally decide on a graduate program in which you’re a nontraditional student thereby automatically earning you an extra year in “core” coursework.

Yep…The Years Can Really Add Up,

But, then again, so can the knowledge and experience. And those are two things I was great at…being a student and learning.

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Assuming you are normal, before you became a student you more than likely filled every single minute of your day with some activity. Furthermore, if you belong to the ever-increasing population of nontraditional students, these activities more than likely included doing things with or for a spouse as well as a kid or two. Time management and college can't be separated. Prioritization...or lack thereof...will determine your success...or lack thereof.

Want proof
That effective time management can give you a more fulfilling life? OK, I’m the proof-giver. First to identify something as “more” you have to have a baseline to compare to. So, let’s identify what exactly makes for a “fulfilling life.”

Would it mean….

  • More time for family and friends who actually want to be around you.
  • Being able to pursue goals such as finishing your education or getting organized
  • Having time for hobbies such as fishing, quilting, or reading more
  • Reducing stress in your life caused from being so rushed all the time

If so, then effective time management can definitely help you out.

Let’s assume

That since you are seeking something then you, at present, don’t possess that particular attribute. In that case you would be guilty of poor time management. In that case the above list would look like:

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There are so many time budgeting tips and tricks that could make a significant difference in one's life. Here are 5 of my favorites that have made my life easier and those around me love me more (since I'm not so grouchy).

The way I see it, there are several reasons why

Time Management should be priority number 1 (one) and they pretty much all have to do with enjoying life in some way or another.

Let’s face it,

  • The mom with the really really messy house doesn’t like her house that way.
  • The one that’s always running late, doesn’t like always running late
  • The one who constantly relies on fast food for her family’s nourishment and doesn’t like doing that either.

But, the reality is,

All these things, from the way our house looks, to constantly running late, to how we feed our family, are all a direct reflection on us as women.

(And let’s don’t even mention how those kids look, smell, dress, and behave.)

I’m looking

At the subject of Time Management from the perspective of being a mom who works from her home which, of course, would be different from…say…someone needing time management prioritization at work

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There must be a better way! How many times have you said that (at times through clenched teeth)? Well, I’m here to tell you there really is.

I’ll delve into each topic’s intricacies and nuances (as well as the inherent headaches) such as the golden standby the to-do list.

Remember, everything I say is my opinion., but also realize that I was a full-time employed, single parent for many years until I became a part-time employed single parent college student.

If it weren’t for some really cool time tips that saved me loads of time and aggravation, I would not have made it through college. The time management strategies and techniques enabled me to have sufficient time for studying and earning the grades I wanted.

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