Do You Ever Find Yourself

Among the zombies walking through the grocery store looking like you’ve just been raised from the dead?

There You Are

…desperately searching for what it is you’ll take home to feed your starving children and spouse. You walk through the store and have to constantly remind yourself to keep your arms at your side…not out in front of you.

And The Pondering Begins:

Lasagna? Naw, it takes too long. How about sloppy joes? They’re quick but clean up would take way too long. Let’s see…it’s been awhile since you’ve had hamburgers? No, not quick enough. Besides, all the prep work for the lettuce, tomatoes, and onions.

By now it’s…like…7 o’clock and you’re down to cereal or fast food.

You’d feel like a total failure if you opted for the cheaper more readily available cereal…besides, what would people say if they knew and you just KNOW your kindergartener would proudly tell anyone who would listen.

So, with some trepidation you opt for fast food as if you couldn’t smell…I meant see…that coming this morning.

How many times has this happened?

Picture Instead,

This morning before you left the house you put dinner in the crockpot so that when you came home all you had to do was boil some pasta which you did while talking with your child about their day. Talk about a healthy meal.

What’s The Difference Between These Scenarios?

In a nutshell it’s the mentality. Simply put—in one you thought ahead, knew your family was going to require food tonight…as is the custom pretty much every night…and actually made plans to provide that at a decent time with a decent meal.

If you’ll take notice, it actually took less time being prepared than it did driving to the grocery store, wandering around (making a feeble attempt at taking home something that remotely resembled something God put on the planet for us to eat), and, finally, settling on drive-thru.

Not Only That,

But you’re spending quality time with your child while taking care of final meal preparations. And think of the example you’re setting.

Your children are learning some very important lessons about time management, nutrition, cooking, quality time, and thinking ahead. Could any of those serve them well in life? How about you?

Menus are more than a huge time saver; they can dramatically improve the quality of your life.

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