I’m Not Now, Nor Have I Ever Been, a TV Watcher!

Strange…I know. Stranger still is that following completion of a research paper that took 2,748 hours to complete I felt a strange need to veg-out on the couch watching TV for 2 days. I exhibited the same uncharacteristic behavior following finals. Why has always been a huge mystery.

However, I Know Most Normal People Really Enjoy TV…

Probably including you. So here’s a great time and sanity saver. First though, let’s debunk a popular myth…well, more like just a knee-jerk unconscious assumption.

Time Management Isn’t About Deprivation…

It’s about actually managing your time so that you get done most of what you need to and a lot of what you want to.

With that said, as stated earlier, I know that many people have programs they like to watch.

How Do You Feel

If you can’t watch those shows because of family, work, or school commitments? If you have to study can you concentrate? Do you feel depressed because you’re wondering what you’re missing?

How Would You Feel

If instead of thinking about missing those shows you just thought about how you’re postponing watching them so that you can reach a loftier goal?

Tell yourself that you’re recording them and that you’ll spend a full day (or whatever you can manage) to watch episode after episode after episode…well, you get the picture (pun intended).

Seriously, think about it…people get all excited over the thought of a marathon (NCIS marathons are HOT at my house). Well, now you can make your own.

There Are a Few Ways You Can Do This

And I’m sure any technologically astute friend of your’s can help you out with figuring that out much better than I can. If you don’t know any technologically literate people, then any pimple-faced kid working at an electronics store would still be much greater help than I could hope to be.

However, I Can Give You a Couple Of Basic Ideas.

My cable company had a DVR box and I would set a particular program to record each time that program came on so that by the end of finals I would have many different episodes of that show to watch.

And don’t forget the old standby of a VCR or DVD player. I’ve never done these but I’ve seen people have the recorded tape or dvd.

However You Manage to Do It

It will probably ease your mind and help you concentrate better if you realize that you’re simply postponing the pleasure of watching those beloved shows.

Now go study…

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