The Impact of Time Management on Grades

Is really pretty obvious with one look at your GPA.

If you are pretty adept at managing your time your grades are probably to be envied. On the other hand, if your time management leaves much to be desired, likely so do your grades.

How Exactly Does Time Management Impact Your Grades?

Simply put, you’ll need time for studying and for all the other time commitments that go along with being a student.

It really is a matter of math. Adequate time for study equals adequate grades. Inadequate time for study equals inadequate grades.

The First Thing to Think About,

If you’re like the vast majority of the population, is how you can modify what’s currently consuming your time. In other words, you will have to pull that time away from whatever it is currently being spent on.

For instance, I’m not a TV watcher but statistics range between 4-7 hours per day for how much the average American household spends in front of the TV.

If you just can’t break the habit at least cut down. If you can’t do even that then there will be a negative impact on your grades.

The Quickest Road to Failure As a Student

Is to not make any changes to your life whatsoever. Make no attempt at time management. Have an I’ll-find-time-to-study-before-the-test attitude (visualize rolled eyes and a twist of the wrist to go along with that statement).

If you’re one of those individuals who wants life to stay the same…you just can’t bear the thought of not going out with your friends on the weekend, oh…and there’s your favorite shows, oh…and you’ve always spent hours on facebook, oh…don’t forget that relaxing time of having coffee with your friends (you’ve earned it), oh…and you must be the perfect mom…baking cupcakes, attending PTA’s, chit-chatting with the other moms at soccer practice.

The Quickest Road to Success as a Student

Is being able to modify all of the above…just modify…not cut out.

Go out with your friends on the weekend…if you don’t have to study for a test, conduct research, write a paper, or work on a project. If all that stuff is taken care of, hey…your weekend is free. If it’s not, then plan for next weekend.

Tape/record your favorite shows (or do on-demand). That way…when you’ve put in all the time needed on those college courses (or if you’re just brain-dead and need a break) you can then take a well-deserved break (just make sure it is well-deserved).

Facebook? Do you really need that many friends? Can’t simplifying your life start with the understanding that you don’t really have 1,483 close friends…close being the operative word there?

Coffee can be enjoyed while studying. Hey…I’m trying to incorporate some time-saving techniques here and coffee can be drunk over study notes. I know, I’ve done it many times.

Perfect Mom? You weren’t before and you certainly won’t be now. Give it up…it’s a losing battle. A warehouse club like Sam’s or Costco sells bulk cupcakes. I promise you the kids won’t care. As a matter of fact, have your child clean the kitchen afterward and they’ll be begging you to just buy the cupcakes.

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