Baking Has Never Been Real Big At My House

But that’s only because of the time involved. It was an optional activity…one to do if I found the time…not to mention the energy.

One thing I tried was making a baking basket with all my baking needs in it. Anything that had to do with baking found its home there…vanilla, brown sugar, flours, baking powder, any nuts specially bought for baking, and mixer.

This helped. It made it slightly easier to bake because I could just pull out that one basket instead of looking in this cabinet and that one.

It made it easier for kids to help too as they knew where the baking basket was and could easily handle it.

I finally broke down and bought a set of 3 stainless steel mixing bowls from my friendly neighborhood warehouse club and they make me feel much more like a baker.

And then…

I Finally Realized That

It wasn’t baking for baking’s sake that I was seeking. It was the actual results of the baking.

I wanted the whole wheat squash muffins (they’re actually very good), the whole wheat cream cheese carrot muffins (also very good) and the triple berry cobbler (my own modified creation which is out of this world).

In other words, I wanted the FOOD that came from baking…not simply the experience of performing the act.

So I Came Up With One of My Typical Solutions

I now do batch baking. That is, I’ll bake around 4 dozen muffins and put them in the freezer in Ziplock Freezer bags with 4 in each bag.

That way when someone wants a muffin they just pull out a bag.

Believe me, before the day is out the other 3 are gone…probably by the same perpetrator…I mean person.

Cookies can also be made in the same way. Some naturally freeze better than others. You’ll have to try your favorites to see how well they do.

It’s Not That I’m Anti-Baking

It’s just that for a busy student seeking to make the most of life with some serious time management techniques, baking was simply not a high priority in my life…though the products were.

I wanted to be more in control of the ingredients that my family consumed.

So I decided to just make every baking encounter produce anywhere from double (if the product doesn’t freeze well) to quadruple or more thereby saving me tons of time in the future.

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Now go bake some muffins…