As far as Time Management is concerned… Crock pot cooking ROCKS!

Imagine spending a few minutes in the morning assembling the ingredients (you’d have to do this ANYWAY wouldn’t you…this just makes it less stressful cause you don’t have hungry people with knives close by)

Then imagine that you leave to go to work…or run errands…or shopping and lo-and-behold when you return all is done…not to mention WONDERFUL SMELLING.

Yep, you have just gotten a whiff of the JOY of Crock pot cooking (aka, slow cooker cooking).

Crock pots are one of the best inventions of modern time and certainly an absolute must in any time management plan. You can even have something cooking overnight. I’ve heard from people who don’t like to do this but I’ve done it with no problem.

I’m a pretty good planner but if something unexpected comes up a crockpot can help you handle mealtimes with ease. I remember something came up one night and I knew I wouldn’t be home the next day to cook. I took a pound of frozen hamburger out of the freezer and put it in the crockpot and dumped in a super size can of whole tomatoes and a bunch of seasonings. I programmed that sucker on low for 12 hours and then when I woke up reprogrammed it again and… let me tell you… that was some GOOD spaghetti.

If you will invest in one and take the time (minimal) to learn to use it the return on investment in time will absolutely blow your mind.

Don’t forget you’ll need a good crock pot recipe book. I personally love one that’s called “Fix it and Forget it.” They have several including one for diabetics. I believe I saw at least one aimed at desserts.

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These tips and tricks are the exact ones that enabled me to get through college and graduate school with a 3.98 and 3.88 GPA  (respectively speaking) all the while having anywhere from 3 Р5 kids at home (they kept bouncing back with their own).

And no, you don’t need to be a student.

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